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Partnering with muniweb, civic and public organizations, such as yours, can stand apart from the common web presence that people often expect. Together, we will show your constituents that you are creative, concise and want to engage them.

Content Development

Great social media content can fire up your followers into a frenzy. Stay engaged with your constituents through their preferred mode of communications whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, Muniweb can help you with your social media content development and copywriting services.

Paid Social Media Marketing

A good social media marketing strategy allows you to utilize the strengths of each of the respective social media channels available while maintaining a consistent message, tone and voice. Social media marketing is more than just publishing a couple of posts on Facebook and calling it a day. It can become a key driver for your community regardless of the size your municipality.

Email Marketing Services

Whether you need someone to design new email templates for your organization, manage your email campaigns or handle the email testing and optimization side of email marketing, Muniweb is at your service!

Search engine optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Achieving a good search result ranking through SEO is an effective way to organically increase your website traffic and muniweb’s CMS offers SEO services such as editing the metadata of a document and automatic site map creation. While it is a longer term solution, it is the most inexpensive.
When SEO takes too long, search engine marketing (SEM) advertising and management services from Muniweb are a another cost-effective way to earn a spot at the top of Google and Bing search results—giving your community maximum exposure for new services and products that aren’t yet optimized.