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We're not satisfied until you're excited about your website.

Muniweb was founded with a mission of providing local Government with a well-designed, highly organized, dynamic websites. Since then, we have helped hundreds of municipalities’architect and manage successful web campaigns.

Our Clients

Our clients range from small townships to large cites, small businesses and non-profit organizations. All of our services are designed with the business of local government in mind. From e-government applications to hosting to website maintenance, we can help your municipality to provide better information and service to their customers.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to keep our clients aware of the leading edge of municipal websites and partner with them on making their website as effective as possible given the constraints of existing information systems infrastructure and budget.

We view our clients as partners in creating a successful web presence.

From our design philosophy to our development approach, our processes are oriented to working with our clients, not just for them.

Having a successful web presence requires a committed municipal staff and a knowledgeable, responsive website expert behind them.

Our Philosophy

A look at several of our municipal websites shows the four characteristics that we build into each one. We call these characteristics The Four Easy’s.


Websites should be easy to use. Our design of municipal websites effectively balances the features of both broad and deep navigation schemes. Doing so makes information easy to locate with the least mouse clicks while avoiding the clutter that comes with excessive menu items. We also optimize all graphics making the visitor’s experience more enjoyable


Once your site is published, being able to find it is important too. We take steps during the creation of your website to ensure that it will place well at major search engines.


The maintenance of your website is a weekly challenge because dynamic information needs to be updated constantly. Whether you are going to manage your website in-house or outsource the maintenance to us, the ease of maintenance will have a big impact on operating costs.


Finally, the expandability of your municipal website is critical. A flawed design can make future expansion of the site difficult and expensive. Your website will grow as your commitment to provide information and services via the web grow. We make sure that the site is able to expand gracefully without a need for redesign each time a new section or service is added.